Made in France


Magnetic Spirit® is a new concept which offers you the greatest freedom of all, that of changing the mood of a building’s interior in a blink of an eye.

The magnetically fixed and easily detachable patented components (with a maximum load of 16kg**) allow you to make a countless amount of designing arrangements. There are no constraints, only creativity counts!

Stylish, timeless and practical, Magnetic Spirit® invites you to compose and create indefinitely to suit your every mood and desire.

Products are of a very high quality finish, hot-treated lacquered steel, sanded matt and available individually in 4 colors: black, white, warm gray and red (new in 2013) manufactured in France by Tolix®, 100% recyclable.


Stylish and innovative

At the heart of the new interior design movement of simplicity of style, Magnetic Spirit® occupies an outstanding place. Its particularity springs from its aesthetic elegance, the efficiency of creative impulse and the virtues of innovation. This convergence of qualities enables everyone to think in motion, discover as a creator and to operate at liberty.

Magnetic and modular

With Magnetic Spirit®, interior design amateurs are given the means to express their singularity, their personality and their taste. Its components, with a patent magnetic fixing system, are easily transportable. The different compositions of this product can follow on indefinitely and offer an everlasting reinvention of your home.

Timeless and practical

Why wait tomorrow to benefit from tomorrow's style of interior design? Subtly timeless, Magnetic Spirit® was created to please each and everyone of us. One day an emotional back-up through a combincation of humour, poetry and sweet folly, the next day components will bear the weight of rare or extravagant items.

Tailor-made and infinite

Magnetic Spirit® is the expression of simplicity exploited at its maximum. The link formed between the creator and the combination the latter realised brings a new soul to your home. Anyone can choose either to give an impression of perpetual movement to their universe or to turn it into a place of lasting happiness.