Made in France


All of the products are made in France and are assembled in the Tolix factory in Autun. The base panels are treated in hot lacquered steel and are of a high quality finish. The elements are hand made by skilled workers, welding edge to edge, with no added materials giving a smooth join.
No, however, there are certain precautions to take in their handling. (see page 3 of the user guide)
The special magnets that are fixed to the back of the elements (French patend) permit a solid attachment to the base panels and are also removed easily.
Yes you can change positions of the elements as many times as you want. The force of the magnets are permanent. They will loose only 0.01% of there force every 10 years.
   Load capacity in kg   
Range Item Dimensions in mm Horizontal Leaned position Weight in kg
BASE Square 900x900 - - 19
BASE Rectangle 600x900 - - 12,5
BASE Quadrant 900x900 - - 14,8
BASE Round Diam. : 900 - - 15
ELEMENT Cube 310x310x280 16 12 7,4
ELEMENT Cube 250x250x220 8 5 4,7
ELEMENT Cube 200x200x170 6 4 3
ELEMENT Semi-cube 310x310x20 10 8 4,6
ELEMENT Semi-cube 250x250x220 5 4 2,9
ELEMENT Semi-cube 200x200x170 4 3 1,9
ELEMENT Console 500x160x330 14 - 8,5
ELEMENT Container 100x100x100 1 - 0,8
The base panels have 3 (circle) or 4 (square, rectangle, quarter circle) holes for fixing to a wall. A base panel comes with 1 packet of screws and plugs adaptable for your wall and a packet of screw cap stickers finished in the same color. (there is an extra set of stickers included, incase of repositioning the base panel)
At the moment your wall has to be flat and you have to be sure that your wall is resistant enough to support the weight of your composition. Check well that the hardware supplied is suited for the type of wall you have. (The screws supplied are for walls of : concrete, full brick, limestone, sand, hollow blocks, brick, cellular concrete, gypsum board 9mm and 13mm)
You can do it yourself, (2 people minimum) if you are a handyman or you entrust in a specialized company. Given the significant weight of the base panels, lots of care and attention must be used.
No the products have not been specially treated to permit the utilization outside. It is possible to make a special request for this treatment.
Yes, it just needs a very simple procedure to do this.
No, the magnets are covered in a special rubber that prevents any damage to the base panels.
Yes, you can place a photo or a piece of paper with a normal magnet, but do not place the magnet directly onto the base panel, as you risk damaging it.
You can obtain our products in certain shops/distributers. (see the distributor list on our website) In the case you don’t have a distributer in your area, you have the possibility to request our products directly from our website.
If the products are in stock, our delivery times are normally 2-3 weeks for delivery in Europe, otherwise it will take 6-10 weeks.
All of our products are individually packaged and protected in cartons. When ordering, the products are then group packed in a large carton and fixed to a palette to avoid shocks during transport.
Yes, but we cannot guarantee the load supported by the elements. Also the carrying capacity of the elements depends on the thickness of the base panels.
Yes. If you have a particular project, we can create a special form for the base panels and create a special color for both panels and elements.
Yes, each year new elements, forms, or colors can arrive to complete our collections.
You just need to leave your email address on our contact page and to ask us to keep you informed with any new updates or news for our products.
Our products are made in steel and are 100% recyclable. They are produced, built and stocked on sites local to limit the amount of transportation. The painting process is specially designed to recycle any wasted products.



 Downloading the guide for use and installation